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New Fanconi Treatment Protocol (2016)

Fanconi Renal Disease Management Protocol for Veterinarians By Steve Gonto, M.M.Sc., Ph.D. Fanconi Protocol 2015 AAA_Fanconi-Protocol-Feb-2016 (The 2016 version has more information for dogs who have Fanconi and renal failure.)

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Guidelines for “Affected” Basenjis from New Genetic Fanconi Test

—by Betsy Polglase, in consultation with Dr. Steve Gonto, M.M.Sc., Ph.D., 11/13/2012 (NOTE: This supplants information on the “Primer 201X” at the request of Dr. Gonto) GENETIC TESTING First off, … Continue reading

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Preparation of “Affected” Basenjis

Designated on New Fanconi Genetic Test by Cheryl Silver Article first appeared in the Basenji Magazine (Additional notations added 2013 by Betsy Polglase) Many of you know me already, but … Continue reading

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Fanconi Syndrome vs. “Kidney Failure”

Updated 2013, Betsy Polglase, with input from Dr. Steve Gonto According to Dr. Gonto, there is a great difference between what people refer to as “kidney failure” and what is … Continue reading

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Who Is Doctor Gonto?

Betsy Polglase, Massachusetts (with input from Dr. Steve Gonto) (updated 2013) Who is Dr. Steve Gonto, the man to whom those of us who have, and are maintaining, a Fanconi-afflicted … Continue reading

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