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Basenji Happy Birthday!

When you want to send birthday wishes to someone you love (and who loves Basenjis!), you need to remember this link!

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Basenji and Bug!

A beautiful black and white Basenji finds that a bug on the rug can be a lot of fun!

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Training Independent Breeds (like Basenjis)

Betsy Polglase, Massachusetts, updated 2012 Basenjis belong under the classification of Independent breeds of dog, and, accordingly, pleasing you is not on the top of their list. This is not … Continue reading

April 6, 2013 · 1 Comment

Basenji Revels, 10 October 2012

For those who couldn’t make it… and for those who had such a great time they want to live it again!… here is a video of the Basenji Companions “Revels” … Continue reading

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Animal Planet: Dogs 101

Animal Planet’s useful breed guide profiles the Basenji.      

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