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Good PRA Prescreening Test

Jean Skaggs’ veterinary ophthalmologist has an excellent pre-screening test for PRA:

Cotton Wad Test: In a dimly lit room (important about the lighting!), take a wad of cotton about the size of your hand with the fingers stretched full out. Toss it across the dog’s field of vision. If the dog tracks it, wonderful! If he is slow in tracking it with his eyes–or doesn’t track it at all, get him in to a veterinary ophthalmologist for further checking.

The pre-screening test should be done in low light level situations, because PRA tends to show up first as “night blindness,” and the dogs typically have trouble in low light levels or when moving from dark to light or vice versa.

(Alternatively, I have used a ball of white socks or anything very light-colored.)

Article copyright © 2013 by By Betsy Polglase. 
All rights reserved.

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