Basenji Companions

Devoted to Basenjis as Pets


By Jean Skaggs, Oregon, updated 2013

The play must stop play immediately. The person very deliberately stands, turns, and slowly walks away from the dog. Don’t say anything to the dog. The second he nips, play stops, they stand, turn, and walk slowly away. The reason I say slowly walk away is so the dog doesn’t mistake what they’re doing as some new game. They wait a minute or two, then return and resume play.

As soon as the dog nips again, they repeat the exercise. If the dog is a consistent nipper it takes a few repetitions for it to get the idea but if the people are consistent, and if EVERY one in the household does it the dog gets the message. I tell people that nipping is never an acceptable behavior. If you tolerate nipping, it’s too easy for the dog to take the next step…full blown biting.

Copyright © 2013 by Jean Skaggs

All rights reserved.

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