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Desensitization Exercise

Desensitization Exercise – “Lemme See”

By Jean Skaggs, Oregon, updated 2013

Some dogs are very sensitive about being touched around their rear end and their feet. There’s a game I play with my dogs to help desensitize them to being touched. I call it “Let Me See” (“Lemme See”).

I start out with a bunch of treats and the dog sitting either at my side or on my lap. I start out with a place on their body I know they don’t mind my touching and say, “Lemme see your necky-neck.” I look at their neck and rub my hand on it while I offer them a treat. I do that two or three times, then move to another spot.

“Lemme see your back.” And I look at their back about midway down, as most dogs don’t mind that, two or three times, while giving the dog a treat. I repeat that, then move to the head, doing that two or three times. I usually break there.

The next time we work on it I go through those three spots but only one time each. Then I start adding one of the sensitive spots. Don’t move too fast and keep it fun. You should be able to examine your dog’s ears, teeth, feet without having to fear for your life. It’s all a matter of desensitizing them and getting them used to being handled. Your vet will LOVE you for it.

Copyright © 2013 by Jean Skaggs

All rights reserved.

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