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Your Basenji Bibliography

Recommended for your Basenji Library

Most books can be purchased on-line from Dogwise, 1-(800) 776-2665, or from Amazon. Another good place to look for new and used books is Ebay.

Understanding your dog

At the End of the Leash, by Karen B London, Ph.D. and Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. Excellent observations on the differences of interactions between dogs and people—and how to bridge the differences.

Culture Clash, by Jean Donaldson—an excellent book to understand the differing agendas of dogs and people and how to mesh everyone’s wants and needs.

DogSpeak How To Understand Your Dog, edited by Matthew Hoffman, Consultant: Paul McGreevy, B.V.Sc., PhD., veterinarian and lecturer in animal behavior at the University of Sydney, Australia, Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA, 1999. An excellent book to better understand your dog’s signals. This book was made up from the PBS series, “Pets: Part of the Family” and can be easily understood by both children and adults.

The Mind of the Dog, by Bruce Fogel—Special insights into the way dogs process information.

On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals, by Turid Rugaas. An amazing book on how to read your dog’s signals and how to help your dog stay calm in stressful situations

Donna Falk’s “What Every Family Should Know Before Adopting a Basenji.”


So Your Dog’s Not Lassie, by Betty Fisher and Suzanne Delzio. A must for anyone trying to train a Basenji. Gives excellent insight into understanding what’s inside the heads of independent breeds (like Basenjis) and the different methods needed to work with them.

Clicker training: Don’t Shoot the Dog and A Dog & a Dolphin 2.0, by Karen Prior. These explain the basis of clicker-training, a training style which usually works well with Basenjis.

Adopted dogs

The Secondhand Basenji Handbook, by M.W. and P.J. Cotter, 1996, $15. Available at Windigo’s Web World.

Health Advice

Dog Owners’ Home Veterinary Handbook, Howell Book House, Inc.,. Excellent veterinary reference for pet owners. Technical enough to be useful
Multiple dogs.

Feeling Outnumbered?, by Karen B London, Ph.D. and Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. Good book for those who have multiple-dog households.

Dogs and children

Childproofing Your Dog, by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. “Must” reading, even if you don’t have children.


August Magic, by Veronica Ann Starbuck. Fictional story about a rescued Basenji.

Candle: A Christmas story of love and faith, written by Basenji Companions’ member Sally Ann Smith.

Flynn, by Shannon Fox. The story of a dog from his birth in a puppy mill through the trials and tribulations of his life. Though Flynn’s breed is not named, Basenji people will recognize the breed immediately.

Heart Of Savannah, by Veronica Ann Starbuck. Prequel to August Magic.

Special Needs Basenjis

Living With Blind Dogs: A Resource Book and Training Guide for the Owners of Blind and Low Vision Dogs, by Caroline D. Levin R.N., ISBN 0-9672253-0-2, Illustrated, Oversized paperback (8.5″x11.5″), 181pp., $29.95. Available at and other booksellers on the web.

Basenji bibliography

For a comprehensive list of anything that mentions Basenjis in the literature, clubs, movies, etc., see “Basenji Related Books” in the “Very Useful and Interesting Sites” section of the “Table of Contents” of member Sally Wallis’ helpful web site.

Here is the page for the Basenji Bibliography:

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