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“Walk-by’s” for Dog-aggressive Basenjis

By Jean Skaggs, Oregon, updated 2013
IMG_1748This is a really good way to start getting the dogs to relate to each other in a non- threatening environment. Just remember to use your knee/leg to turn the dogs away from each other and keep the leads loose.

You need two people, each holding a dog beside them with about fifty feet between the two. You start out walking a wide arc by each other, pass, and turn around, keeping the same fifty foot distance between the two people with dogs. Keep doing this until the Basenji can make this wide arc and not acknowledge the other dog.

You’re going to have to go by the dog’s physical reactions to know how and when to move him in. Slowly you start to bring the arc in until you can walk by each other without the dogs reacting at all. You don’t want to progress to the next step, though, until BOTH dogs are not reacting on the previous passes and then move in just a LITTLE at a time. If they react, go back a step.

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All rights reserved.

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