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Gentle Crate Training

By Jean Skaggs, updated 2013

I have found that the cushier the crate bedding the better the Basenjis like it. I start by tossing food in and letting them go in and get it, leaving the door open. When they are comfortable with this I move to tossing food in and closing the door till they turn to come out.

Next is tossing in the treats, but making them wait for a count of five (which I do out loud – don’t ask me why but as long as they hear me speaking they tend to stay calm) before opening the door.

I gradually increase the time. When they are comfortable with a couple of minutes I start doing out-of-sight peek-a-boos. At this time I start cutting back on the treats. I gradually increase the out-of-sight time again starting with just a count of five.

When they are comfortable up to two minutes I start going outside. When I go outside the first time it is just to a count of five but I make sure they can hear the door close.

From there on it’s pretty easy to increase the time because by now they KNOW for certain you are always coming back. When they are really crate trained, I always give them a treat for going in. Mine expect it.

Copyright © 2013 by Jean Skaggs
All rights reserved.

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