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“D-C-P”: Distract, Command, and Praise

Distract/Command/Praise is a gentle and positive way of reminding your Basenji of who is “alpha.” Everybody wins. No one is humiliated, and “face is saved,” an important concept to Basenjis.


Basenjis have the attention span of a gnat, so they can be distracted very easily. They have been aptly named, “A.D.D. dogs.” Get their attention (mention squirrels, a ride in the card, “walkies,” etc., if you have to).


Three Basenjis in a “sit” and obeying quite nicely!


When you give your Basenji a command, you automatically put yourself in a “alpha” position, that of “he who gives the commands.” When your Basenji obeys, he automatically puts himself in the “submissive role” of “he who obeys.” Give them an obedience command like, “Sit!” This gets them back in “obedience” mode and allows you to praise and reward them for doing something right.


You can then magnanimously praise him and reward him, and good feelings ensue. Simply ignore bad behavior and strongly reinforce good behavior. They will do more of what is positively rewarded; the basis of “clicker training.”

Unfortunately, dogs (and children) will seek negative attention rather than NO attention at all, so ignoring the behavior does not reinforce it at all and is actually more forceful than alpha-rolling, hitting, leash-jerking, or any negative consequence.

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