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Basenjis and People

By Betsy Polglase

A lot of Basenjis absolutely adore people, but there are also some who can be quite shy upon first meeting. If you are a stranger to a Basenji and he is acting apprehensively, it is best to cheerfully, verbally greet him and then ignore him. Let the Basenji investigate you in his own time and in his own way.

It is good to bring along some dog cookies or treats to offer the Basenji if the initial introductions appear to be going well–or later on with the shyer type of Basenji after he has approached you and “checked you out.”

Looming over a dog from a standing position and reaching your hand out is one of the most aggressive things you can do to a dog. For any dog, it is far better to get down on the dog’s level—sit or kneel on the floor or sit in a chair with your hand casually dangling down beside you with a dog cookie in it while you ignore him and talk to other folks in the room.

A lot of Basenjis can be “bought” with a treat or two! After a while, try asking the dog to “sit” and use the dog cookie as a reward. If he is still shy, ignore him some more and try again later.

Most Basenjis are very curious, and their curiosity sooner or later usually gets the better of them. They will begin trying to check you out—sometimes surreptitiously. Move slowly and carefully and touch them gently, watching for any apprehensive reactions, and talk in a friendly, soothing manner.

Basenjis love slow, lazy, circling petting or gentle kneading of their necks and ears or gentle stroking of their chests. Many respond to that type of touch by being almost mesmerized. Thumping and rough treatment should not be used with any pet. Use a touch that would feel good if someone were doing it to you.

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