Basenji Companions

Devoted to Basenjis as Pets

Basenjis and Cats

by Betsy Polglase, updated 2013

The “umbilical cord” routine works well here, too, as you have absolute control over what your Basenji does when he is attached to you in that way. Put the leash around your middle and slip the snap end through the loop and tighten it around your middle. Attach the snap to your Basenji and go about your business. The Basenji must come with you everywhere you go.


Basenji snuggles next to a happy cat.

You need to let your Basenji know that the cats are under your protection and they may not chase them. Squirt bottles sometimes work well after the umbilical cord stage, combined with a “No Chase!” command.

Cats who stand up for themselves sometimes fare better, but you need to be vigilant at ALL times. It helps to have a Basenji who has grown up with cats. I would be a bit leery of one who had not been raised with cats, because he might think cats would be a good snack for lunch!

Basenjis are hunting dogs, and even the best trained ones will chase a cat who streaks across the living room or across the yard.


From above, all you see are pointed ears and curled up bodies… but there is a Basenji in there curled up with two cats!

Make sure your cats have places to crawl under, or on top of, to get away from the Basenjis, and put the cat litter box inside a larger, upside-down enclosed box with a small opening–just large enough for your cat to squeeze into–so the Basenji can’t get into it.

Copyright © 2013 by Betsy Polglase
All rights reserved.

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